Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is apparently John Kerry's "delighted" face.

The Guardian has an article about Secretary of State John Kerry's West Bank trip today that includes this great picture of John Kerry:

Inline image 1

...with the following (un)intentionally hilarious caption:

"John Kerry shows delight at his shawarma sandwich in Ramallah."

Here's the link.

Kerry visited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today to discuss a potential reopening of peace talks between Israel and Palestine. He took a break from the meetings to enjoy some classic Palestinian food: shawarma, knafeh, and Arabic coffee at a local spot in Al-Bireh (near Ramallah).

Here's a shot of him diving into a sticky bite of knafeh:

Inline image 2

(Is it possible to look dignified while standing, eating, and holding the plate?)

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