Monday, November 22, 2010

Back and better than ever

Well, after a few months of hiatus I am back and better (though you'll be the judge) than ever. I'm going to be adding two regular features to the blog, as well as bringing back the general news and analysis of all things Israel/Palestine peace-related.

The first new feature will be a monthly book review. I have a long backlist of books I've been wanting to read so I'll post the book reports here. I'm shooting now to have the book reports posted the middle of each month, beginning in December. The first book I'll be reviewing is David Grossman's "Sleeping on a Wire: Conversations with Palestinians in Israel." I have a few on my list but if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I'll gladly take a look at them.

Secondly, as I'm sure you all know, the Holy Land peace process is a generally frustrating topic. To make it a bit easier to post at least five days a week I'm going to start a "Casual Friday" post where I'll write about a non-Israel/Palestine subject. It could be music, ice hockey, American politics, or just about anything in between. I hope you enjoy a bit of off-topic banter and I'll be starting this Friday. I'm also open to suggestions for the Casual Friday post.

As always, thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to a Holy Land Peace restart on the blog!

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