Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Tom Friedman criticizes Israel, you know they messed up

Even he takes the opportunity to get in one last punch in his New York Times op-ed today:

So it pains me to say that on his recent trip to Israel, when Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s government rubbed his nose in some new housing plans for contested East Jerusalem, the vice president missed a chance to send a powerful public signal: He should have snapped his notebook shut, gotten right back on Air Force Two, flown home and left the following scribbled note behind: "Message from America to the Israeli government: Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. And right now, you’re driving drunk. You think you can embarrass your only true ally in the world, to satisfy some domestic political need, with no consequences? You have lost total contact with reality. Call us when you’re serious. We need to focus on building our country."

 I know I have lambasted Friedman in the past, and for good reason. However, in respect of giving credit where it is due, his most recent offering is actually good reading. Perhaps he feels he can be honest with the strange change of winds going on now that is allowing people a free pass to honestly criticize Israel's lack of seriousness when it comes to the peace process. One criticism, however: I think even without immediately turning around and jumping on Air Force Two, Biden (and Clinton and Obama) did send a powerful message disapproving of Israel's intransigence.

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