Friday, March 26, 2010

Two links on settlements

Americans for Peace Now has a great article that blows away six all too persistent myths about Israeli policy in East Jerusalem. The Myths:
  •  "Everyone knows" certain areas of East Jerusalem will be annexed to Israel in a peace deal.
  • East Jerusalem Palestinians can build anywhere in Jerusalem, limiting Jews to only West Jerusalem is racist.
  • The planning and approval process for East Jerusalem is so confusing that Israeli leaders could not possibly have known what was going on.
  • The land on which East Jerusalem settlements are built was not being used by anyone until Israel built there.
  • Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem do not bother Palestinians in any way.
  • Jerusalem settlements are not an obstacle to peace.
You guessed it, they're all dead wrong, and APN does a great job of busting the myths.

Leon Hadar at Foreign Policy's new Middle East Channel (which I rate a 9.5/10 - it's spectacularly informative and downright awesome) reminds us of when Bush stood up for peace by withholding loan guarantees to Israel. Not W. Bush, of course, but his much more principled father. The Israelis backed down on their "expansionist policies" and Bush came out on top. Hadar makes some good recommendations for the Obama administration to navigate through his tension with Israeli PM Netanyahu.

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