Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Morning Links

For some reason, activists trying to break the Gaza siege have a hard time understanding that Egypt is in on it too. Nothing like traveling all that way to find out that even those you thought were your friends were also your enemies...

Majida Abu Rahmah, husband of jailed non-violent resistance leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah has written an emotional plea for the international community to speak out against the arrest and arbitrary detention of so many from the Palestinian non-violent movement. An excerpt of his remarks intended to be read at the World Association for Human Rights, where he was to be presented an award is below. The words were prepared just hours before he was arrested:

"I wish I could be with you to share in the joy of our colleagues receiving this year’s prize and to celebrate with you the 20th anniversary of the removal of the Berlin Wall. But the occupation not only robs us of statehood, land, and so often of our lives, it also deprives us of many beautiful moments."

"My mother passed away in a hospital in occupied East Jerusalem, our historic capital, in August but the Israeli occupation refused me a permit to be with her. An Israeli friend held a mobile phone to my mother’s ear so that I could say good bye to her and thank her for all the love she has given me. In the darkness of all these difficulties the occupation imposes on us, the solidarity of justice-seeking people like you all over the world gives us strength."

"Unlike Israel, we have no nuclear weapons, and no army, but we do not want or need those things. With your support and the justice of our cause, we will bring down Israel’s apartheid wall."

Mustapha Barghouti led a protest in support of Palestinians arrested for protesting.

Steve Walt recommends five books on the US-Israel relationship and refuses to shy away from shameless self-promotion.

Remember kids, actions have consequences.

Finally, Gershom Gorenberg says the settlement freeze is a lie.

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