Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Post-MLK day links

Happy (belated) MLK day everyone!

The First Annual Holy Land Peace MLK Award goes to:

Abdullah Abu Rahme and Yossi Alpher

Now, some links...

Bitter Lemons is back after what seemed like an extraordinarily long winter break and this week they're asking the question on everyone's lips, "Are peace talks restarting soon?" More importantly, does anyone care?

Haiti has been in a terrible way for years and the U.S. hasn't ponied up more than a few pennies. Finally, more people are highlighting our terrible foreign aid strategy and demanding we take the training wheels of Israel and Egypt by slashing their enormous aid packages. Give it to places that actually need it, please.

The Israeli settlement "freeze" isn't a total washout. It seems the authorities have finally grown a backbone and pushed back against extremist Jewish settlers in the West Bank by razing illegal outposts and dismissing IDF soldiers who refuse to stand up to the settlers.

And finally, Israeli and Jordanian scientists have discovered a new species of spider living in the dunes on the southern border between the two countries. The NYT article has a picture and it's rather creepy. Also, good thing we found this thing - it's apparently almost extinct due to habitat destruction.

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