Monday, December 21, 2009

PFLP sides with Fateh on Palestinian unity deal

Maan is reporting that the leftist, secular Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has sided with Fateh in support of the national unity deal. Deputy Secretary General of the PFLP Abdul Rahim Mallouh criticized Hamas' refusal to sign the deal and accused the Islamist faction currently entrenched in Gaza as working to stall Palestinian national unity. The proposed unity deal is not without criticism from smaller factions, including Mallouh's PFLP, which intends to introduce several amendments to the document.

However, the PFLP has been generally supportive of the deal and seems to be exercising a rare show of support for Fateh, which it has criticized in the past for Fateh's willingness to collaborate and negotiate with the Israeli government.

While a small but significant secular faction siding with Fateh on the unity deal does place greater pressure on Hamas to agree to the proposal which would create an interim governing committee to set up elections, Hamas is likely to fight back against the rhetoric of Fateh and the PFLP and push for an arrangement similar to that reached between Hezbollah and Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri's government. In that deal, Hezbollah joined the Lebanese government but was allowed to keep its weapons and manage its own security forces.

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