Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on Palestinian views of the PA police

Over the weekend I posted the following concerning PCPSR's poll of Palestinian attitudes toward reconciliation, the two-state solution, and trust in their governmental institutions. I left you hanging with the following and promised to find out the reason:
"A final thought-provoking matter concerning Palestinians' trust of their police institutions (especially the PA) is the rather high number (23%) of West Bank Palestinians that answered "other" when asked why they did not submit a crime report to police. Only 4% of respondents from the West Bank indicated that they did not want the crime to become public knowledge, compared to 10% in Gaza."
PCPSR Director Dr. Khalil Shikaki was kind enough to send a quick reply when I asked him about the issue. "The difference between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has to do with access to police facilities. Most rural West Bank lack police presence due to Oslo agreement restrictions. All 9 West Bank cases were in villages where access to police services is limited." Many villages are still under direct military and civilian control of the Israel Defense Forces because they are categorized as Area C under the 1994 Oslo Accords. Palestinian police are rarely able to enter these places even for routine police work, though based on the satisfaction of most Palestinians toward the PA police, I'm not sure they'd want them there anyway...

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