Thursday, June 11, 2009

Israeli President Peres: Move forward with road map

Israeli President Shimon Peres has indicated that Israel must move forward with the 2003 U.S-drafted road map, calling for the establishment of provisional borders between Israel and a future Palestinian state. The provision for setting up temporary borders (intended to become more or less permanent in 2-3 months) is documented in phase two of the road map. Israel and the Palestinian Authority have not yet met their obligations under phase one of the document, which requires Israel to freeze settlement activity and the Palestinian Authority to fight terrorism.

U.S Envoy George Mitchell has also called for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians concerning final borders, believing the successful implementation of a provisional border may help the U.S-Israel disagreement over freezing settlement construction. Once temporary borders have been announced, Netanyahu's administration will have to expend far less political capital to evacuate settlements located in the future Palestinian state and may be able to petition Washington to allow construction to continue in settlements that will eventually be annexed to the Israel proper.

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